Morgan Archuleta | Even These Colors | Colorado Springs, CO

Morgan Archuleta | Even These Colors | Colorado Springs, CO

T H U R S D A Y // Praise. (ok, Friday but who's counting?) Rolling out the intro to a sweetheart this week. You guys, her talents are amazing. I'm one of those people who think I write semi-cool but really I've been told everything from, "I literally could not read anything on your card but the front said Thank You, so you're welcome." to "Your writing looks stunning but as though it was written in a different language." So basically, I'm the worst but as a child, I spent HOURS practicing different styles of letters and always thought it would be cool to invent a font. Clearly, I had no idea what photoshop was...or that creating fonts could be made in to a living. Anyway, I crush on letters, fonts all things words and those who can write really well... I think it's so cool, so meet this girl, Morgan. She's super cute and if you're wanting any lettering done in COS or amazingly beautiful paintings, get in touch. -Karen


Morgan Archuleta 

Q: What is one pivot point in your life where you wish you'd had some one or some word of advice to maybe help you go a different way.

"It would have been nice if a woman who was chasing her dreams and being successful at it encouraged me in high school to follow that pull I was feeling to go a different direction and to not focus on "failing." Failing always has such a bad connotation but I wish someone would have encouraged me to focus on what I love and not the measure of success I had on it. " -MA


Q: What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

"I think my favorite childhood memory is going to my grandparent's house in Iowa. They live on a massive farm where I just felt free to run around, chase and discover wild animals and learn how to fish. I would wake up early to find deer and bald eagles in the fields before the sun rose and the pigeons were even timid of human contact from nearly a 1/2 mile away; it made me feel like I was in such a pure place."


Q: When was the first time you remember being involved with what you're currently feeling most passionate about?

"The first time I remember being involved in what I'm currently passionate about.. hm. I think indirectly it came from that place on the farm of feeling foreign and pure, yet welcome. It took the intimidation out of stepping into unknown territories in my life and be open (instead of afraid) to the thrill of the unknown. Those memories of the farm instilled in me that people's judgment didn't matter out here where the reality was I am actually free to let that little girl in me experiment and play."


Q: What do you do for a living?

"I'm a full-time mom and part-time artist."


Q: Do you feel like you find a balance between friends and family and your work?

"I think I have a decent balance between friends, family, and work. Some days I'll choose painting over friends and family but it just depends on where I'm at mentally. If I feel overwhelmed, I'll paint because it's my time with God."-MA 

To see some of Morgan's watercolor paintings check her out on Instagram @eventhesecolors. She's also hand-lettered the menus and name cards for our blog launch dinner this weekend so stay tuned for pictures of her work when I post about it. Thanks so much for sharing some of your heart here Morgan. I appreciate that you're pursuing your passions and taking time to prioritize motherhood. xo - KM

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