Coley Arnold | Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market | Scottsdale, AZ

Coley Arnold | Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market | Scottsdale, AZ

It's that time again! You guys, I had such an amazingly supportive response from Kirstin's post last week and I'm finding myself wanting to post more often and for all of the women that I know. BUT, I'm staying focused and trying to stick to what I mapped out at the start of this collaboration. I'm excited about what's to come and hope you love each post!

This weeks gem is a near and dear to my heart girlfriend! She's one of these that grows more beautifully externally and internally (damnit - just kidding I support women who are stunning! Ra!) the older we get, so well that I want her to send me the serum she's using, like yesterday. She's light hearted but a GTS kind of girl and do NOT get in her way if she's on a mission. Just saying. If you follow her on IG, you've already caught a huge glimpse into her energetic lifestyle and if you don't follow her- you should just because it's 24-7 entertainment and smiles. I cannot believe how much has changed in her career over the years. When I met her she was teaching dance to hundreds of cute babes and now she's running a vintage shopping market (couldn't be better suited) for thousands of people. Amazing. Fill up your glass and enjoy! xx- Karen


Coley Arnold 

Q: What is your first memory that correlates with the spark of what you're feeling most passionate about?

"When my husband, Justin, and I married, we went to IKEA and bought a whole apartment full of furniture that completely matched. After two months I hated it all, but we were on a tight budget so I started finding furniture at Goodwill or on the side of the road and painting it. I slowly re-decorated our whole apartment."


What do you do for a living?

"I'm a business owner and busy with all that entrepreneurship entails! Our company inspires creativity by curating spaces to embrace a vintage lifestyle. Primarily we do this by producing and hosting large vintage markets in Arizona and California."


Who has been influential in getting you to where you are today?

"My parents always told me I could do whatever I wanted, and I guess I believed them. :) "


Q: What do your biggest dreams look like?

"My dreams take me all over the place! However, when I think about our company, I believe there are so many avenues to be discovered that right now we are only touching the tip of the ice burg! I pray the future allows me to inspire people to go for their dreams and passions and encourage each other along the way."


Q: Looking back, is there a point in your life where you wish for a word of advice that would've shifted the turnout?

"There isn't. I think every decision and path forms who we are as people. I sometimes wish I could avoid the consequences of bad decisions, but I am grateful for who I have become and my values, and I really do believe that has been formed one decision at a time (good or bad)." - Coley Arnold

Coley shares a business with two close friends! It's a vintage market called Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market and is AMAZING. Click HERE to see when and where you can shop the weekend away next and PST, Friday night is worth it! Go. :) 


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