Steph Pollock | @steph__pollock | Colorado Springs, CO

Steph Pollock | @steph__pollock | Colorado Springs, CO

This pretty girl is a legend, as my New Zealand friends would say. Her ability to have 20 conversations open at the same time is second to none and somehow she manages to circle back to each one of them with intention and a conclusion for each. She's always game for whatever, even with a newborn and an almost two-year-old who keep her hands super full. I feel like Steph is a wealth of knowledge and where some women would want to keep it to themselves, she just isn't that way. Stephanie is a breath of fresh air and I'm happy that she calls COS home. If you want to learn more about her blogging and social media career make sure to check her out at the Girl Crush Social Club, where she will be speaking on November 13th. 


Steph Pollock

Q: If fitting, how do your passions tie into your career now?

"I've always wanted to do everything I'm doing. That sounds odd but I've always been passionate about sharing life with others. I get to do that through my blog, raising the future generation and capturing people in love. On top of that, I now am getting to dress little girls in my own designs and that is way fun." SP


Q: What do you do for a living?

"I'm a stay at home working mama. I have two little girls, 2 years old & a 1 month old, and run a lifestyle/mama blog where we share embarrassing stories and a million photos of our lives. I'm a wedding photographer and children's clothing designer over @disfordarling." -SP (PST- If you have a little girl you need to check out her line. It's SO good and I want all of it in adult sizes, yes, even the bloomers.)


Q: When was the first time you remember being involved with what you're currently feeling most passionate about?

"I'm passionate about so many things, that this is such a hard question to me! I feel like everything I do kind of flows within each other so being specific about a certain memory is hard to narrow down. When I was a teenager I had a list of bloggers I followed that I admired and knew I always wanted to blog. So after I got married, we were living in Chicago and I was attending Art School and figured now would be a good time to start! One of my favorite quotes is "Never think what you have to offer is insignificant. There is always someone who needs what you have to give." So I just kind of went for it!"


Q: Do you have a favorite success memory? One where you really felt like, "wow, this is it?"

"Booking my first solo wedding and my working on my first collaboration with a company for the blog. I remember getting both those emails and doing a little dance party with my husband, Austin, to celebrate."



Q: What do your most looked forward to dreams look like?

"To be completely honest, this is going to sound cliche. But right where I am. Maybe a few more kids, a more permanent place to call home and somehow more time to just enjoy it all. But I'm extremely happy doing life with my husband and kiddos and following our passions. Sure, I have big dreams for my businesses but in the end, I'm learning that it's not about the number of followers you have or sales you make it's about the people that really make your heart joyful and love you. "

I love the answer to the last question listed. It's so easy for me to let my dreams take me everywhere but where I am and Steph is just owning the contentment piece of life. It's a pure hearted, unintentional call to action and I'm thankful for it...

If you like to wear cute clothes, if you're a mom and need a box full of tricks to draw from or you just like what you read, make sure to follow Stephanie at @steph__pollock  xo - KM (there are two underscores)

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