Leah Behr | @leah_behr | Colorado Springs, CO

Leah Behr | @leah_behr | Colorado Springs, CO

Hello, sweet Thursday. I've never looked so forward to Thursdays before this series. It's like This is Us on Tuesdays and amazing women on Thursdays are just making the weeks zoom by! This friend is a powerhouse here in the Springs. She can be found "Adulting hard", loving her community really well and looking all sorts of chic while doing it. Leah Behr, (like the paint but not actually related to the paint people) isn't afraid to say it how it is which is one of the many reasons I love her. She is compassionate, sincere, thoughtful in a fashion that is really rare for COS citizens and it's all done with a pure heart, without seeking anything in return. I'm thankful to host her words here and let you learn a little bit more about her that's deeper than the liketoknow.it's. If you don't follow her on IG, you should. The staple pieces she finds are on point and she's so good at finding fun, trendy pieces that are affordable and cute. xx -Karen


Leah Behr

Q: What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

"I don't know that I have a specific memory that I would call my favorite... rather, I have a series of memories that revolve around my great-granny and our time together. I would spend most of my days with her, baking cobblers, picking apricots from her tree, or even watching 'Days of our Lives' or 'Wheel of Fortune' with her on her sofa. Every day when her soaps would end, she would say, "Leah, your feet look tired" and I'd crawl up on the sofa and she would rub my feet until I fell asleep. (To this day, I'm a sucker for a good foot rub.) Pretty much all of my favorite childhood memories revolve around my sweet Granny." -LB


Q: What do you do for a living?

"I'm a Realtor by day, blogger by night. A normal week for me is 40-50 hours of Real Estate, and about 10 hours of blogging. (I cut back from 20!) Balance does not exist, so it's all about finding a rhythm that works. For me, that rhythm often means waking up by 5:30 or 6am to get a work out in or get some blogging done (my mind is most sharp first thing in the morning, so this is when I feel more creative/energized to write). Then I try to get to the office by 9, and spend the next 8-9 hours engulfed in showings and contracts (sometimes longer). By evening, I'm usually exhausted and ready to chill, but I can't sit still, so I often find myself at happy hours with friends, or whipping up something yummy in the kitchen for me and Brandon, with a good glass of red in hand. I typically close the night out with a little HGTV and catching up on blog work, before hitting the hay listening to an episode of On Being on podcast."


Q: Do you have a favorite success memory? One where you really felt like, "wow, this is it?"

"In Real Estate, I often feel gratitude for the process of helping others fulfill their dreams. I recently helped a client who was just moving here to start a good life for herself and her daughter, after leaving a bad situation. She cried (tears of joy) multiple times through the process, and I felt so proud to be helping her do this thing - the first thing she had ever done - on her own. Moments like those, are my successes, for sure. When it comes to blogging, I think being invited to the Aspen Food and Wine Classic with American Express, was definitely a *pinch me* moment. I had always wanted to attend, and being invited made it all that more special."


Q: What is one pivot point in your life where you wish you'd had some one or some word of advice to maybe help you go a different way. 

"I don't really have one. I believe that everything, good and bad, about my past, has shaped me to be where I'm at today. (I know...so cliche! But so true.) I've made a lot of dumb decisions, and lots of people certainly advised me against them, but I've always been stubborn and had to figure things out on my own. Ha."



Q: Who has been influential in getting you to where you are today?

"Not to sound cheesy, but 1000%, my husband. From being my partner and total support system at work to photographing me for my blog, and picking up the slack at home when I'm overloaded....I could not do this crazy life without him. He is my partner in every aspect of the word. The Lord is constantly revealing to me in new and beautiful ways, how significant that relationship is to me. I would be nothing without his love. " - LB 

To find out how to get the same cute pieces that Leah is wearing here follow her on Instagram  @leah_behr AND if you're looking to sell your home, reach out to Leah + the Behr team. They're incredible at what they do!

 xo - KM

PC: Leah's rockstar husband, Brandon Behr.

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