I’m Karen Mitchell. I love our home, good food and wine and travel. As a whole we prefer quality over quantity, in every way.

While born right where I’ve landed, Colorado Springs, I was raised in Phoenix. I landed in Black Forest, Colorado after hustling in NYC for a stent of time in my late 20’s. What a gift. Each city holding a piece of my heart, I rest easy in the Rockies of Colorado.

A few quick things:

  • My day job is running the photography studio I started building over ten years ago.

  • I adore my child and my husband and really enjoy adding animals to our twenty acres of land.

  • I host events and intimate dinners as often as I can get my husband on board for it. Welcoming people into our home or a quaint venue feeds my soul.

  • I window shop for months before buying and I’m always on the hunt for my next quality piece that will last.

Considering me/us for an upcoming collaboration / project? Thank you! Here is a list of a few other things I’ve worked on and a few that I’m looking to expand into.


Companies Worked With:
Hygge Life
Nuna USA
The Real Dill
Four Seasons Vail Valley
The Broadmoor Resort
Prose Hair Care
Once Upon A Farm


How Can We Work Together?
Photo Shoots
Additional projects that align well with my audience and our style

All content created will be promoted with at least one IG story, single post, or gallery. Rates will vary depending on the scop of work, usage, exclusivity, but please, reach out with any budget! I would love to hear more about what you’re doing and how I can contribute! Please be in touch at km @ elanphotographiestudio.com Thank you! xx-karen