A Wife, Girlfriend, or Lover

A Wife, Girlfriend, or Lover

...That is the third definition of a woman but of the three, I think I like it the most. Ten years ago I would've chosen the second to lead with which is, "a female worker or employee." But today a wife, girlfriend or lover feels the warmest and most truthful for this topic. Sure, we are workers and we can be employees but often we're found loving. Our instinct is to love, to nurture, to care for wildly, be it a man, a woman, a friend, a pet, a child or a family member, we are pouring into the humans who surround us- caring for them in whichever way we know best. So, here I am rolling into the launch of loving on a lifting up a few favorites with these words... 

I love people... Men + Women and so this project created a little tear in me, "Gosh, do I just shine the spotlight on these beautiful women that I'm surrounded by or do I include these incredibly awesome men that are doing wonderful things also?" I love you men and I know there is a high volume of you that actually do visit read through this lifestyle blog of mine but as they say, Ladies first. Your time will come... but for now.. the ladies...

This project comes from a place of amazement, literal awe, of the woman that I have the honor of calling my friends. These days, we're often defined by the number of people "follow" us, how cute our clothes are, how well curated our homes are or by the amount of $ucess we're working our asses off for. This is fine, nothing wrong with any of these accomplishments but I want to help create space between the idea of the overnight success story, the she has it all together story and the I don't want to share this because you could creep in and take my place story. I want to tell the backstory of a few of my incredible people because they're awesome because they've worked tirelessly at becoming better versions of themselves and because let's be honest, when has one not gleaned wisdom from another's vulnerability?

These babes have taken some time to answer an array of questions where I will select approximately five to share the answers of along with a few images of them and I hope that through this series their stories, their memories, the way they've encouraged others or been encouraged will feel relatable and stirring. I will post about one woman per week for about the next ten weeks. I hope you share, comment and most of all enjoy each of these stories, after all the stories are what make us and our sharing them expands our community in the roots of truth and whole goodness. xx - karen

Without further adieu, meet Kirstin Snell. She is FULL of life and the largest happiest smile you've seen. She's an East Coaster by make and has made Colorado home with her handsome husband- at least for a season. The first time I met her I felt so refreshed and was left with the impression that she would embrace me for who I am while being just sweet as could be... She hasn't proved me wrong. 


Kirstin Snell

Q: What do you do for a living?

"I am the Store Manager of the Colorado Springs lululemon. This involves running the day to day business, training leaders, growing our collective via community outreach & so much more! We are a retail store, but I always believe that we're really in the business of people development. Our mission statement is: elevating the world though the power of practice". We live this day in and day out, which gives me a feeling of purpose in this big work. " 


Q: Will you please share a favorite childhood memory?

"I have so many! When I think back to my happiest childhood memories, it's always a vision of myself, my younger sister & my parents on a sailboat. My father grew up a sailor, the real East Coast kind, and we were raised around sailboats since before we were even born. My sister and I attended sailing school every summer, and did a lot of local regattas (races). I can picture my father, at the helm of the 36' sailboat we'd take on weekend trips to block island, and northern Connecticut. We'd get going super fast + the boat would be keeled all the way over. My sister and I would hang our feet off the lower side and our whole body would be almost in the stage. My mother would always be so nervous, and my father would just laugh and smile. That's how I learned a sense of adventure, and also hard work (it's hard work sailing a late boat!), and how they can actually live together in harmony - adventure and hard work. To this day, I feel the most free when I'm on or near the ocean. " 


Q: Do you feel like you find balance between friends and family and your work?

"I sure try! Honestly, I love to work (I get that from my parents, who are both such hard workers), especially because I love my work. I am always in the practice of knowing when to "turn it off", and create space for balance between friends + family. I am far from perfect at it, and the more I practice, the more I learn what works for me. Since we moved to CO, I use my time during my commute to connect with loved ones back east on the phone in the car. It fills my cup up every time :)"


Q: What is one pivot point in your life where you wish you'd had some one or some word of advice to maybe help you go a different way.

"My transition from college into the "real world". If I had yoga + meditation, and the leadership tools I have now, I would have been able to better support myself through some tough growing pains. Oh, those early 20's...what an interesting age! I have a lot of young adults working for me now, and I try to give them as many tools for self development as possible, tools that I wish I had to deal with life when I was their age. The word(s)of advice that I'd give myself at that age would be: "it's going to be okay. you just keep showing up as the most authentic version of yourself, the world needs you to be you. make choices that align with your core values, and do not take anything personally! It's not about you. Just keep going :)"


Q: When you dream without limits, where do they take you?

"I ultimately want to work for myself, but in connection with others, supporting people and businesses in being the best versions of themselves. I'm working on what that ultimately looks like, however, I know it involves flexible time, that allows me to spend a lot of time with my family. I want to travel for work, supporting and consulting other businesses (or other lululemon stores), on how they can run more efficiently, and also how to foster a culture of people development FIRST. We would live by the water on the east coast, and have a 2nd house in the Colorado mountains, which we could travel to a 1-2 times a month. The dream is that this passion work allows us to have a comfortable lifestyle, where we can do all the things we love in life + share it with those we love!" - K.S.

My hope is that these snippets in to these lives spark something in any one of us.. Maybe it just makes you feel that oh so necessary spirit of camaraderie, vision into a new idea, advice that you needed to hear or a swift kick in the pants I hope it's something good and treasured. Thanks so much for sharing some of your heart and mind, Kirstin. xx- Karen

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