Amanda Rettedal | @amandaleaannweddings | Colorado Springs, CO

Amanda Rettedal | @amandaleaannweddings | Colorado Springs, CO

There are a lot of good things happening in the world... Yep. I said it. Don't get me wrong, I see the bad things too and there is a lot of that to dwell in the midst of... but digging up the good doesn't feel hard when you're around this beautiful woman, Amanda Rettedal (said read-it-all) really makes life feel fresh, full and whole.  I met her while we were both working at Welcome Fellow in Downtown COS in 2016. This redhead will leave a mark on your heart and make you want to be her BFF. She's doing a lot of incredible dream chasing and business building whichI'll touch and will inevitably be explained further but her heart is what sets her apart from most. Her outlook is positive yet grounded, she's gracious and forgiving beyond reproach, she has the heart of the most humble servant and each pour in her body permeates love. Have coffee with her, you won't regret it. Separately, it has been a ball seeing her wedding planning and coordinating business literally launch off of the ground. I was so impressed when her boss lovingly encouraged her to leave where she was (even though they're the best of friends and she loved having Amanda work for her) and pursue this passion she had stirring in her... Calling her to more. To see all of the humans who have loved her well to support her in the transition makes me happy and encouraged for a whole other set of reasons. And during a week where we're celebrating women, hats off to Grace too who recognized what Amanda has to offer and encouraged her to chase them in a way the rest of us could not. That is love in one of the truest forms.

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Amanda Rettedal

Q: When was the first time you remember being involved with what you're currently feeling most passionate about?

A: "It is hard to pin point one moment with this. I have had a passion for people my entire life which always left me wondering what my life would end up looking like because you could do anything. But it was learning through college how people desire to be seen and known no matter what their personality was like. I have always loved celebrating but just in the past few years I have learned that it costs something to celebrate, it takes intentionality to truly celebrate. It takes working hard so you have the time to "celebrate, and takes the mental strength to put everything else out of your brain and be present and thankful for the celebrating."-AR


Q: Who male or female has been influential in getting you to where you are today?

A: "As cliche as it is, my mother has been the most influential woman in my life. How she displays strength, beauty, kindness, selflessness, and consistency."-AM (also, not cliche, Amanda. You're just a blessed girl for getting an intentional, loving mama... And even more so that you recognize it before you're 50!)


Q: Do you recall a pivotal point where someones advice could've been better applied by you than it was?

"A: I started having mentors in college, and that has always been such a fruitful and helpful thing in my life. I wish that before I went to college someone would've told me to go into college to enjoy it. I always had the guilt of school work, which was why I was there but I saw it as a huge task and didn't enjoy the learning process. I also didn't take risks in college and rather stayed steady and diligent to do the reliable steady thing. I would've loved advice to chase new things, travel, study abroad because that was a season where most other people did that, but I didn't feel liberty to. Which now makes me battle the idea of missing my chance for that during those years." -AR


Q: If fitting, how do your passions tie into your career now?

A: "My biggest passions include being present and celebrating people, making them feel seen, known and cared for. This is exactly what my business is now and what drives it. My business is here for that purpose, to make the bride and groom feel seen, known, and celebrated whatever that looks like for them. For most the biggest way I get to do that is do the work so that they can be present and enjoy and I get there by getting to know them and really caring about what they care about, and making that a priority."-AR

Amanda! I think you're doing amazing things. So thankful you took some time to answer these questions for us. xx-km

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