Emily Salberg | @thefemininecollective | Denver, CO

Emily Salberg | @thefemininecollective | Denver, CO

At Fortitude + Finn, Thursdays used to mean that I was featuring someone I've either just met in passing or know well who are doing great things in order to help give a platform to a different group of people. I want for people to excel in their passions and this feels like a way I can help that happen. Then I paused the features (even with a few left) and now I miss these posts! + An IG poll told me that you do too and so here they come. But I'm switching it up and featuring them a bit more randomly. First up, Emily Salberg! Happy Monday, friends.

I met Emily through a shoot I did with my work, for The Collaboration Blog. She + two more incredible beauties got in front of my lens and gave me a glimpse into their friendship for an afternoon. Soo good. Made me wish I lived just a little closer to Denver.

Emily is a sweetie. She beams joy and kindness. You can tell her soul strives for good. She's a doer and never leaves a room with less than it had when she came in. She's sure-footed and full of love. I was so excited to have her and her cute bf come down to the dinner I hosted with the women from this series. #girlcrush All of her IG handles are in her answer to my last question posted.Seriously, follow. -km


Emily Salberg

Q: What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

"Honestly, I have the worst memory. My sisters will recall in crazy detail snippets from our childhood, and I'll just be thinking, "So, I was there... right?" But besides being awful at remembering the moments, when I do have flashbacks that come rolling in with all the warmth of good memories, they're usually not that specific. They're highlight reel memories of consistent things I used to love to do. Most revolve around family or team sports, but one constant that really shaped me, is when my Grandma would take me to go the nearest 'big city'  to pick out books (I lived in thee smallest little town in Iowa, so this was always a big deal). All the kids would call her Grandma Book, and she was absolutely ferocious in pushing the importance of reading on us. I always happily obliged to these trips, because 1) it meant a new book, and reading was my jam and 2) it usually meant stopping for a treat along the way. Treats is the magic word. But I remember sitting in the car on those long drives and just soaking up her stories. I'm sure I was only listening about half the time, and I wish I could go back and record all the stories... of her childhood, growing up with a lot of judgment on her shoulders and the family history I always seem to forget. Grandma was always a woman in her own league - smart, witty, passionate, independent, fashionable, scrappy - I could go on & on. But through all the adventures she'd take me on and the stories she wove into those trips, she taught me to be proud of the lives we choose to lead and to always find wonder in the small things. Even if those small things are finding a new favorite book at the corner store and stopping off for an ice cream cone on some idle Sunday." -es


Q: Where do your BIG dreams take you?

"If I'm being - dream world - I'd be traveling the world as a motivational speaker, specifically to women, about the importance of curating a community of sisterhood. (Did I just say that out loud?!) Not only for that sense of community & action it ignites, but the inspiration it gives you to be brave and to become your best self. I'd get to explore other communities, listen to their needs, and see how support for female empowerment is curated in their cultures. All with the goal to find a common ground that allows us to ultimately fully love ourselves first, and then open up enough to collect the ones who lift you up. With a physical and online community that women can go to find their bravery, find their people, and light their hearts on fire. And along the way, working with all the badass women in my life to build that community up. And maybe have a 2nd hand clothing boutique... and maybe throw lots of rad events... and maybe styling women to find confidence... and maybe professional closet organizer... and maybe... ;)"


Q: Male or female, who has been impactfulin getting you to where you are today?

"Growing up, I was constantly shaped by strong women. My mother was the main constant parental figure, she was strong in laying down the law when she needed to, always taught me that independence is a beautiful thing, but she also has the most tender heart I have ever loved and lets me in to that protected space when she's feeling vulnerable. My sisters were most definitely my role models growing up, both of them excelling in school and the arts and being unafraid in their strong-willed opinions. I followed them around like any annoying little sister should, but it's just because they were exactly who I wanted to be. And growing up apart of nearly every girls sport at my small school and continuing the team sports with running in college had a huge influence on me in creating that feeling of empowered sisterhood. Wrapping arms in a huddle before a race, calming the team's nerves with any bit of motivation we could muster, stepping to the line gripping hands, gives me goosebumps still. Being surrounded by the most amazing females throughout my life notably shaped me then and continue to shape me now in my passion for empowering women. Nothing is more inspiring than being apart of a sisterhood that look to each other for support, advice, camaraderie, vulnerability - all of it." -es


Q: What is one pivot point in your life where you wish you'd had some one or some word of advice to maybe help you go a different way.

"Now. Right now. I'm scared. I'm shifting gears. I can see and feel the passion of one direction to my bones. But I can also taste my doubt. I'm not one to ask for help most of the time or show my cards of concern, so to be vulnerable and reach out to my people that I need them to lift me up, I need their advice, I need their truth and support - is incredibly hard for me. But I need to give less of a shit, and just lean into the change."-es


Q: What do you do for a living?

"Right now, feels like ALL THE THINGS. Ha. But by trade, I'm an event planner! I've always had a passion for the details, and I had the opportunity to bring event ideas to life across the country for a production company for a number of years. Now, I've started my own company (gulp!) with other badass planners, Collaborative Events, and our vision is to create a community of collaborators, by bringing one event dream to life at a time. We're hired as consultants for clients that need serious event production skills brought to the table, alongside hatching some of our own event schemes. But, I'm a person... who is now fully vested in the side hustle strategy! And have all these in the pot as well... The Collaboration Blog (how I met Karen!) This passion project is with two of my best girlfriends, Kaylee & Katie. We started it out of a love for adventures, brunch, our own personal styles, and just plain celebrating life. It's grown into a space where we can each express ourselves creatively and has allowed us to connect with the female community beyond just our friends. The Feminine Collective is a community organization that is a platform for all things female. I co-founded this dream with another dear friend, Nicole, to create a space where women could connect on a vulnerable yet empowering level. We were determined to mix badass + hippy all in one, and are finding our groove in the Denver Community. I'm also hustling as a Rodan + Fields Consultantwhich is a skincare company that not only allows me to help women gain confidence by  stepping up their skincare game and building a better life with the business, but allows me the flexibility to chase all these damn dreams without worrying so much about the financials. 

" -es

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