Curating Home | Baby Girl Nursery

Curating Home | Baby Girl Nursery

Another day, another project! While this room has a few BIG changes coming it’s way, I thought I’d share where we are…

I haven’t done a massive overhaul to the room, like I’ve done in the past but I’ve made a few very intentional additions and takeaways that feel cleaner and prettier for her. I left the paint color alone mostly I’ve shopped our home to make it feel set for her…


I snagged a heavy duty shelf while at IKEA and it feels like it’s both softened and warmed the room. I dug one of my old metal photo prints from the shed outside, gave it a legitimate bath and hung her up. I’ve actually never loved it until I hung it in her room… I think I printed it 8 years ago. I have a few prints coming my way and left a print of the city that my great granddaddy left for us. It feels story telling but also fresh for her.


I ‘splurged’ on a $75 crib from IKEA just to mix up the view for the next two years. I thought it might be nice for Amos too, in the midst of so much transition, to see the new crib and know it wasn’t his- it’s just baby’s.


I’m in heaven over this Gathre Leather Baby bag. I searched high and low for a baby bag that was made of real leather when we were expecting Amos and could not find one. Everything was pleather. This one is deep, sturdy, has a strong magnets close and compartments inside. It comes in both black and a camel brown and totally works for dad to carry or mama and I suppose that with two littles, I’m going to love having my hands free for them.


As I mentioned, most of her room as been a repurposing from around the house. I pushed in Amos’ dresser that I refinished for him from craigslist while 8 month’s pregnant and took out his changing pad at the same time. Potty training is next on the list so it felt right to start taking the luxuries out of his room.

Headbands are all from girlfriends.
Favorite clothing items must be featured until they fit.
Necessary items for mama in the basket on the left.
Necessary baby items in the basket on the right.


++ a shout out to @hyggelife for having the cutest baby slippers ever. They gifted these to us for sweet babe and I cannot to see her little tootsies in them.

to come…

I ordered a blackout, velvet curtain that has a warm, gold tone and that’s still to be hung. While I usually let each room have it’s own everything, I matched baby’s curtain rod to Amos’ to offer some consistency for them. I’ve not added much color anywhere in our home but seeing as though she’s a Fall baby and I deeply appreciate the change this season offers, I thought I’d honor that with my NYC print paired with the curtains to draw out the warmth in it.

The guest bed situation has me so back and forth. I’m between a sleeper sofa and a murphy bed. Either would be queen size and I’m trying to stay in the $1500 range… I’ll keep our memory foam topper to make either option and include a bottle of wine, bedside for each guest in order to help make anything we purchase seemingly more comfortable. Ha! Have a vote? Own either and LOVE yours? Please share your details.

Otherwise, I just need Young Living to restock their little owl diffuser/humidifier and I’ll be set… well + adding the baby. ha! xx-k

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