Curating Home | Master Bedroom Makeover

Curating Home | Master Bedroom Makeover

Hi Friends, this process has taken a little longer than I’d hoped for and we’re not at FULL completion with a few details are still headed toward being rearranged. I have a few pieces on order that are headed in and they’ll make a difference but it’s so close and I just can’t hold my breathe anymore. So here we are! A few things I’m crushing on specifically are highlighted below. I’d love to hear which areas leave you feeling inspired. xx! -k

A quick refresher of the bedroom with a before gallery…

This bedding though…
oh Parachute Home.. how I have loved you for so long.

The colors of this bedding are everything I’ve been pining for! I have never mismatched my sheets before and I am super loving the white top sheet with their bone fitted is in my top two favorite tweaks of the room. I love tie in’s for each corner of the duvet too… and their buttons are super sturdy at the bottom so there is no peeking of the down. *Like any good linen product, remember it takes a second to break in a bit. I wash on hot and double dry. || I chose the Linen Vince Set in Bone + Top Sheet in White If you want to skip the linen break in, they have several varieties of fabrics to choose from. Parachute is 10/10 for me.


THIS hemp r.u.g. though…

…It draws me in to our bedroom over and over. I love it. We’ve never had a large rug under the bed and Justin and I are both loving having a little more fabric over the hard wood floors. Kelly from Sapere Collection Rugs has been a dream to work with. She not only worked with me through my pinterest board to help me tackle the aesthetic I was looking for but she’s accustomed to source rugs if what she has stocked doesn’t do just the trick. She sent a link to her preferred company for the padding beneath the rug in order to help make it even cozier for our feet. It should arrive this week… I’ll post about the difference it makes. “I really like the difference this rug makes in our room…”-Justin This felt like a golden trophy handed over to me.


Find the slippers above HERE


These sheep skin rugs are adding a little soft touch to our princess feet in the mornings and evenings and both of us are LOVING. There is one on each side of the bed. They’re quite small, about 2 feet, and just a perfect touch without taking over the room. These are actually getting swapped for a lighter color which I’ll feature soon. The amazing individuals that own Hygge Life in Vail Valley are out on a book tour! So good. Can’t wait to show you. For now, though…

Other Updates…

We obviously changed the paint color, (string of pearls by Velspar) which I posted about heavily in my stories. While Justin really doesn’t like white and thought it would feel like a hospital room, as always, he’s a big fan (or a smart husband) once it was all done. It contrasts with our stark white trim well and it cozied up with the curtains I chose. Huge shout out to my mama who painted the whole room in six hours by herself while Justin was at work and I was being mama to Amos.

I swapped our nightstands for some layered tree stumps in order to make room for some baby items coming in the mail soon. You’ll see why soon!

I incorporated this collage over our bed which feels new and much more like home. It’s funny the projects that I can tend to avoid even while living in a place for so many years and when I finally just do it, it feels like home. Amos has loved having pictures on our wall and I love having the art on our walls. I’m really enjoying time spent in my room these last few weeks.

I switched from a sheer white to black out velvets and I’m loving the extra bit of sleep in the morning… Which you can see in the two pictures below…

*pro tip, if you have lower ceilings installing longer curtains that will actually elongate the walls. I love this trick and have it done in both Amos + our room. It truly makes it feel like a bigger space.

We’ve made some dramatic changes on the wall to the left of me… but I’m saving them for when I have my other items in order. Stay tuned, babes. Thanks for checking in! I love sharing ideas with you.

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