Kerri Blaser | KB Cute Designs | Phoenix, AZ

Kerri Blaser | KB Cute Designs | Phoenix, AZ

I have a least one girlfriend a month ask me about the KB Cute Design wardrobe that Amos displayed all of the time for his first few months of life and now I get all of the questions about his cute slouchy baby beanies + car seat covers and when Justin dresses him for bed he always grabs these knotted gowns that Kerri has created and turned into an empire. I mean, talk about incredible. And above all else, Kerri is bubbly, kind, generous and overflowing with love. There are a handful of individuals I have met throughout the course of working with Junk in the Trunk Vintage Markets that make me wish (some more) that I was in Phoenix more often and Kerri is absolutely one of these. I am honored that she carved some time out of her life to share with us a little insight on life, business and the other good things. Her family is adorable, her heart is gold and her business brain is awesome too. xx-k 

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Kerri Blaser 

Q: What is your first memory that correlates with the spark of what you're feeling most passionate about?

A: "When I had my first child 8 years ago we didn’t try swaddling until she was 3 weeks old and she was a very anxious colicky baby and it made a WORLD of difference with her. We will be swaddlers for life!" -KB


What do you do for a living?

"I run KB Cute full time and am pursuing a few other small business ventures on the side."


Q: Do you feel like you find balance between friends and family and your work?

"I don't know that I do find a balance between them all. But in a way they are all intertwined. My husband works with me on all the backend for KB Cute, and some of my very best friends are ones that I have met at events and connections from my work. But I am trying to strike a better "mom" balance where I can just unwind and be with my kids. I'm finding that setting specific work times are the best way to do that." -kb



 What is your favorite (one of) childhood memory?

"I think the reason this is my favorite memory is the way my mom and dad retell the story, but here goes nothing. 

Growing up my mom and I didn't get along hardly at all and I'm talking from the age of 3 to about 21. When I was 4 we lived in the small town of Prescott, AZ and my mom and I had been fighting all day and neither one of us was going to give in to the other and I don't remember what the fight was about - probably something really important like she wouldn't let me wear my pink sparkly boots with frills out of the house - and I remember her telling me to go to my room and I was so mad I said "I wish I didn't live here then I wouldn't have to go to my room". Her response was something to the effect of "you have nowhere else to go" which made me even more mad so I grabbed a little red suitcase from my closet, the one I used when I would stay the day at my Grandma's house and I put in an outfit, a loaf of bread and peanut butter and honey and I walked out the back door. We lived along a dirt road where you could take the drive way to grandmas house or the walkway in the back to my mom's best friends house. I took the walkway to my mom's friend Peggy's house and I remember telling her how horrible my mom was and that I was never going back. My mom called to talk to me and I ran and hid in a closet so I wouldn't have to talk to her and I ended up staying the night. The next day my mom walked over and the three of us sat down together and they convinced me I needed to go home so I did."-kb

I think Kerri is amazing! And I love her IG feed.. All of the babies wearing all of the cute clothing. Take a peek. Give a follow. Buy some items for someone you love. 

That concludes our lady features for this round! I'm so thankful for all of the love that you've displayed toward each person that I've interviewed, photographed and placed on the blog. I hope that they've encouraged you in different ways, given you hope for success in whatever it is that you're pursuing and also shown you the less glamorous and very real side of balance while you chase your dreams. Until next time! xx-km
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