Travel | Nashville Part ll

Travel | Nashville Part ll

For as thick as the August air is in Nashville, the food is good. I could’ve eaten at double the restaurants and there wasn’t anything we didn’t love. I’m going to run through a few more things (see part l here) to do in Nash as well as restaurants any other activities that we wanted to do but ran out of time or energy for at the very bottom. Enjoy! And don’t book a flight in August. Bisous- k

My cousin, Lauren, Amos and I explored a tiny corner of downtown and these two spots were most dreamy. They’re each well curated and fun for daytime peeking around + shopping and coffee or without the babe inside and out, I’d revisit for drinks and food in a heartbeat.

First up, Noelle Hotel. The dreamiest for coffee provided by Barista Parlor + a really cute gift shop and a rooftop to die for. The rooftop is open during the day and worth it just for the views. It overlooks the river and most angles of downtown. My sweet tour guide of a cousin, Lauren, says they change out the aesthetic of the room featured in the larger photo below every so often and it’s always done beautifully.


Next up is literally called Dream Hotel Nashville. Small world vibe - my neighbor in New York is a designer for this company and in my year of living nearby falling in friendship love with him, he totally revamped my home style so it makes sense that I adore everything about this place. I’d come back for drinks and food in two seconds. I featured this photo on my timeline on IG but wanted to share more details here. Literal perfection and needs to be on your list. ++ both of these hotels cozy up to Printers Row. I want to stay at each of them.


On to coffee…my mainstay, as we know and it’s best friend, donuts. We could’ve gone to several more cute shops but here is one that I loved and could tuck in to work for a few hours. It’s lowly lit, super calming and a feels like respite. Barista Parlor in East Nashville (referred to as “East”) is precious. Cheers to you Barista Parlor. I see you. Amos was so excited about the motorcycles inside he wept for five full minutes when we left. He kept repeating his version of the word “motorcycle”.


Five Daughters Bakery. Watch out! 100 layers of crisped butter and I’m here for it. Trust me, just make time.


For the littles! There is so much construction going on in Nashville you can entertain them for some time with a stroller push downtown. Lots of cranes, excavators, tractors and construction workers to see. We did this a lot…and from all angles of the city. We also tried Pinewood Social which is ADORABLE with or without children. Bowling expired quickly once Amos realized he couldn’t run to the pins and knock them over by hand. Oh well! Better luck next time.


My dear girlfriend moved to Nashville about 18 months ago and she and her husband treated me to some quality time at a darling restaurant downtown, Liberty Common. I love when people are intentional about where they eat both for the aesthetic and the food. We shared the best conversation over an orange zest glazed cinnamon roll, delicious coffee, a shared waffle madame and a fried chicken sandwich. This restaurant is not kidding around with their menu and between turning my head to see both friends I was soaking up each detail filling the room that is transportive. 10 outta 10, you have to make time for this one.


Proper Bagel | Do it. SO much schmear.

Other things…

We walked through some of Percy Warner park. I really loved it. I’m working hard to listen to my body which meant turning around about 5 miles earlier than I’d have liked but what I saw was magical and I have Lauren on strict order to send me pictures in the Fall. Amos loved it too. If you’re into exploring neighborhoods and seeing houses, the one that Percy Warner is in is 100% where you want to be.

We walked 12 South and played in Sevier Park 2x. It has 2 playgrounds for multiple ages and lots of hills and grass to play in as well as a little creek that’s non-threatening. The trees are incredibly tall and it’s completely empty by 6 PM.

Walking up and down 12 South could be a 1/2 day experience. A child will expedite the process. We made it to Imogene + Willie though, which was a bucket list stop and as dreamy as portrayed. We also popped in Madewell, their denim edit store and I found maternity jeans I love.



We missed out on Jenni’s Ice Cream, Hatti B’s, experiencing Pinewood Social in it’s fullest, Crema Coffee, Otaku Ramen, Urban Cowboy, Bluebird Cafe, lunch at Cafe Roze and the Smiling Elephant to name a few. But these were on the list and we didn’t get to them.

Notable Others

Mitchells Sandwiches, Grillshack, Frothy Monkey, Able Leather, White’s Mercantile gift shop, Salt Ceramics sold inside Noelle Hotel, thrifting in Franklin.

The real trick is snagging a beautifully thoughtful tour guide. But the one we stayed with is ours so you’ll have to find another. So thankful for our time with you, Lolo. Can’t wait until we can do it again. xoxo-k

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Curating Home | Hosting Well

Travel | Nashville Part l

Travel | Nashville Part l