Travel Guide | Kansas City

Travel Guide | Kansas City

About a month and a half ago I booked tickets for a dinner hosted in Kansas City. The company, Sunday Suppers , partners with hosts all over the world and this Fall they teamed with, Amanda Watters of Home Song Blog, for an evening. If you don’t already follow Amanda you’re missing out, and for those of you who swoon for her and want to know what she’s like just know she encompasses kindness and warmth. Her feed is peacefulness inside of yours. I have followed her for actual years and the vignettes of her home have offered snippets of calm throughout hectic days and my own busy life. The days quickly merge together in my world and for almost ten years IG has offered me little glimpses into others’ worlds. I like that. It allows for me to see how others live and sometimes what brings others joy. It keeps me in tune with the popular places to travel and helps me curate a more specific bucket list shifting it from ALL of the places in the whole world to most of the places in the whole world. Whispers of Kansas City and little square sightings had put it on the list. Truth be told, I can’t say that I actually remembered where she was but when I realized it was just an hour’s flight away from COS I had to go. The overlap of our love for the glow of a candle, twinkle lights being strung and good food made me take all of five minutes to decide on a yes. Okay, actually three days, but my heart was committed in five minutes. So I grabbed a friend and I headed off to KC. Which by the way is,


I love, Kansas City. As I start thinking about my birthday I’m seriously counting down the days to my return. We’ll see if I am able to put that one together. KC is full of history’s stories by way of it’s beautiful buildings and charming boutiques that are closed on Sundays. It’s sprinkled with really good coffee, impressive Thai and at least one very well curated hotel, Crossroads. Which also has stories to tell, not one but multiple of historic people and tales. These qualities draw me in and keep me intrigued by a place.

Roofdeck At Crossroads Hotel, KC, MO

Roofdeck At Crossroads Hotel, KC, MO

The people, they’re so kind. My friend and I walked into the hotel which would easily be an $850 stay per night in cities like New York or LA. Here though, it’s affordable, well thought through and so very refreshing. We checked in, met the sweetest women at the front desk, Sable and Lauren, who took time to answer our questions and tour us around before heading to our rooms.


Behind the metal backdrop of the desk sits the elevator and up the fourth where we found our room. Two queen beds, one beautiful bathroom and all of the black, white and brown leather filled the room with just the right touches. The cutest desk with treats inside, soaps made of black pepper and bergamot and a cute little window in the corner felt so relaxing. We both kind of wanted to curl up in our beds and soak up the comfy but why when there is so much to talk about and explore around town?


We headed to Lulu’s for Thai. Killer. And then walked down Main to get our nails did. Luxury. We popped in a sweet little coffee shop where I vocally debated a sweet treat or my go-to plain latte. After deciding on the plain the barista made me a 4 ounce taster of the sweet I’d been debating which was SO special. I love when humans are intentional and they’re kind just to be kind with no expectation of anything in return. These moments make me feel cared for. We stepped outside where the drizzles from the sky began to fall and hopped in an Uber to get ready for our charming little dinner.

Friends, what I’m about to say would imply that I would move to Kansas City in about 8.5 seconds… the implication is correct. As we drove 20 minutes away from our hotel and veered and rounded circular intersections we pulled into the dreamiest of neighborhoods. One that boasts white picket fences, trees as tall as time full of golden color and red fiery leaves, long brick walk ways and homes that tower with dimly lit dormers that have stories to share. When I was a little girl I read stories of sweet homes and slow paced lives filled with hard work and a loving family. Where fireplaces were lit and women work hard to provide big meals and strong little children who grow with character and truth. This felt like that. A storybook of course that hold tales of hard times and good times, that meets its guests with warmth and food prepared with intention of filling us up but leaving us with stories shared, new friends and a slowed experience.

Three hours later, so many conversations, a taste of homemade ricotta cheese and five courses of well done hosting, we bundled up, shared warm hugs, stepped out into the mist of the evening and headed home. I loved this evening. And while not all of you will be able to go and have a dinner in a charming home with endearing people, you should at least park in one of these cute neighborhoods and go for a long walk with warm coffee in hand and phones tucked away. Just soaking in the history, the gentle rustling of leaves and conversation with the one you’re traveling beside.

We took the next day slow and walked around, through union station, a little museum of trains, beside the flourishing fall flowers sweetly manicured along the sidewalk and into an old car showroom that’s since been converted into a three story coffee shop. Put Messenger Coffee on your list, friends. I have photos here for you. It’s not similar to any coffee roaster/house I’ve been to and it’s unique qualities make you want to tuck in and stay a while. Which we did, for over an hour.. nearing two? It felt warm and offered views that surpassed the tree heights.


There are so many adorable boutiques on Broadway. Dear Society being one of them that looked cutest. Make time. Meander around. We wrapped everything up with pizza and shuffleboard and headed out. Crossed the river, which the activity of always offers a touch of natural therapy for my heart. The whole weekend just slowed me down. Created pause, offered deep conversations and lots of laughter, good food and new friends. It won’t be long until I return and I hope you make it that way. It’s actually just such a sweet time. Cheers to you, KC. xx-k

Who is KC for: Family friendly, with a girlfriend, date weekend.
Weather: A little gloomy but sweetly rainy.
Best Form of Transportation: There is a trolly that runs through town but it’s VERY walkable.
Unexpected Surprise: Lots of cute art.
Best Food: The Thai was out of control
Best Coffee: I loved Messenger
Shopping: LOVED the jewelry selection and the thrifting seems on point.

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