Lifestyle | Maternity + Preparing for Baby's Arrival

Lifestyle | Maternity + Preparing for Baby's Arrival

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hello! The information out there is just so overwhelming. So to keep things simple I’m including the items that Justin, Amos and I have loved as a family for him, the ones we’re looking forward to reaching for again as we welcome another newborn into our world and the items that just one or the other of us love. I hope it helps the work of knowing just want to get a little easier. These are just based off of our experiences with the item, sometimes we’ve gone through ten brands before finding things we love and sometimes it’s the only thing we’ve ever used. Feel free to ping me with questions. Cheers to welcoming little ones into your lives or the lives of those you love. xx-k

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I am more disciplined about skincare on my face than ever while pregnant.

Sunscreen me! (our skin is more sensitive to the sun while we’re pregnant. Don’t forget the SPF!

Oil Me! Again, keeping things moisturized while skin is going through some big changes is vital. I love this line, especially the Golden Dew product. SUPER clean ingredients and local to Scottsdale, AZ.


A good hat is never a bad idea while pregnant. Lots of hats are worn while I’m pregnant, especially during these summer months. This is my favorite ball cap…


And this is my favorite sun hat.


Nausea Cure - Peppermint Oil + Lemon Oil || Breathing these items or putting a few drops on epsom salts for a bath really helped my uneasy stomach during the first and second trimester. Don’t use peppermint after you’ve delivered baby as it can impact milk supply. It’s fine while pregnant. DM for more info on this if needed.


Stretch marks…theeese b*tches! Sometimes they happen, sometimes they don’t. I’m all about the preventatives and this is one I swear by. I slather this stuff on as soon as I start showing a bump and don’t stop until about a month after I have baby. I rub it anywhere that grows. Belly, boobs, sides of thighs. Usually after my shower at night time! It’s so soothing.


As we nest, we clean. I really moved into using oils in our home because of Amos. I wanted things to be as natural and as healthy as possible. I’ve worked hard over the last ten years to clean up my toxin act and his arrival was a BIG push to go ahead and let go of my deep love for the smell of a bleached home. I didn’t want to worry about chemicals and what was in the cupboard and wonder if he just licked the floor- so I switched over to this all natural, toxin-free cleaner and although I’ve tried, I’ve not successfully looked back.

CLICK HERE to purchase a thieves cleaning starter kit. It’s GENIUS.


Prenatal talk. I’m all about a subscription service. This is what we’ve used this time. It’s been nice to not worry about refilling my prenatals this time. I also love how each ingredient is broken down easily so that I know what I’m taking and why without busting out homeopath books. I also loved the second wave of prenatals that had a slight peppermint taste to them. They settled me instead of encouraging a gag reflex.


Bambo Nature Diapers! We started buying them through a subscription on Amazon when Amos was around a size two and haven’t looked back. I LOVE the subscription program, the quality, that they have no fragrance and they’re plain and simple looking.


Nose Frida - DISGUSTING. I hated the idea of this when I first saw it. I actually received it from a friend who thought she was funny (ok, she is) when I posted about how I didn’t want anyone to ever buy it for me. Ta-da, the most reached for baby tool, known to the Mitchell family. We’ll get a fresh one for #2.


I’ve said it before but our Colugo Baby Bag is my lightweight, totally function and easy baby bag. I pack it full and reach for it most often of my small collection. The insulated pocket is clutch.


Amos lived in KB Cute Design’s knotted gowns. We gift them to almost everyone that has a baby and our little girl will also live in them. Super soft and allow room for babe to grow + the cutest.


We are a TWO stroller kind of family. One for travel + one for every day. These are our two favorites.



Childhoods Clothing.

There are so many thing but these are the first that come to mind as recommendable. We LOVE. Hope you enjoy too!! xx-k

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