Feature | Black Forest Homes

Feature | Black Forest Homes

In this next series, I wanted to highlight a few cool things that are going on around town. I decided to start close to home and feature Black Forest first. For you downtowners, I promise, this post is worth looking at. ps…I hear your whispers asking about available land near our house!

I’ve had my eyes open for all things lovely in Black Forest since I moved here. Through the hashtagss, community newsletters and facebook I’ve found quite a few neat projects and people. Originally, I found the Gowler’s former home while driving around our neighborhood and immediately sent a picture to Justin since obviously I was the first one to discover it. Ha! Because my husband is in the construction industry and he’s lived here for-ev-er, when he saw the picture of their home he already knew about it gave me a brief rundown on what they do. I loved it. Fast forward a few years, add in a small world, a few friends + instagram and Tiffany and I connected. Having briefly messaged back and forth became a segway for this feature… I hope you enjoy.

It has been such a joy to get to know Tiffany during this process. During this photoshoot we had lots of time to chat, laugh and learn about even more commonalities. Their home(s) have certainly received a lot of attention over the years and I liked listening to the personality behind the design as well as what she loves about her life, their family, community and so on. I’m so thankful for the network that this blog has helped me to build. Thanks for reading along and letting me be involved in your lives. -km


Who fills your home most often?

“We have friends and family over at least 4 days a week! We love to spend time with people!” - Tiffany Gowler


What inspired the design of your home?

“I had a vision to create a home with a vaulted kitchen. The entire home was literally designed around this feature!” - TG


Where is your favorite spot in the house?

“Oh man! I love it all! If I had to pick one, I would pick our master bedroom. We have always had MASSIVE master bedrooms in our previous homes and decided to go with a smaller and cozier master bedroom in this home and I LOVE it!” - TG


What type of gatherings do you love to have in your home?

”Our favorite nights are impromptu gatherings where we grill out and play games with family and friends!” - TG


Is there anything specific about your home that makes you feel so thankful?

“The common thing we are told from people who visit our home and that it feels warm, welcoming, and peaceful and for that, I am beyond thankful!” - TG

These are some of the original barns near the original farmhouse Tiffany is referencing. They remodeled the original farm house in addition to building their home and another that rest on the property.

These are some of the original barns near the original farmhouse Tiffany is referencing. They remodeled the original farm house in addition to building their home and another that rest on the property.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

There are so many amazing accounts out there! I truly believe that creativity breeds creativity and I search for inspiration from that! Before designing this home, I checked out a ton on books about the history of the farmhouse and that served as my main inspiration!” -TG

A few other favorite moments of mine that have been so well done in the home are featured below. Enjoy them, pin them, touch base with her through IG about specific vendors she buys from! I hope this leaves you feeling inspired and with something new to love in your creative hearts! -km


Thanks again for touring some of the intentional sweetness that us Black Forest dwellers are working hard to set in place. We love it here, we hope you will to!! Xx-k

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