What to Wear | Athletic Maternity

What to Wear | Athletic Maternity

In all of my digging between pinterest and #’s on IG, I find either put together + fashion maternity looks or the super ideal basket ball tummy athletic wearing women. While both are wonderful, I’m not working out every day and I’m also not dressing to the 9’s every day. Sometimes I want to land in the middle and often I need to get dressed to work out but feel like BLAH nothing fits. So after a few hours of digging out literally every piece of athletic wear I have and sorting it all, I put together a handful of outfits and fiddled with them enough that I’m feeling good about sharing a few ideas.

Naturally, I am thin and don’t gain weight very easily. While pregnant it seems all that weight around baby immediately adds pressure to my legs that they’re not used to, hello cellulite and goodbye thigh gap. This can feel daunting. I live an active life in terms of working out and am constantly moving so when I continue on that path and the body changes it feels different… Here are few things I’ve found that work well to help me feel good.

Size Up.

The number doesn’t matter, the comfort does. I go up as soon as it’s feeling constricting at night. I pack up the pants and shorts. As soon as I feel or see that my stomach and sides are being cut into by shorts + pants, bye felicia. They go in to a box. I’ll see them again in a year- and that’s okay. I still want my shorts to stay in place so they’re snug but not uncomfortable. Shirts with built in bras feel great and they can kind of wrinkle where you want them to if you’re feeling like you need to distract.

Daytime Shorts

I lengthen my shorts + embrace an elastic band. With all of the day wear that Lululemon makes these days there is plenty to choose from. On the Fly is my go to and I size up one size to carry me through a little longer while pregnant. They’ll be slightly baggy once I’ve lost the weight but they will still be adorable. I love to tuck a little fabric on one side to help with a little movement but still show my growing belly. I do love the growing belly.

Adding Layers…

I do appreciate a little draping fabric or something a bit longer than shorts for the back of my legs and because it’s more like the PNW in CO right now than a sunny summer I can totally pull this off and it’s fine. It can be a light weight kimono or a rain jacket or a cute sweater.. All work and help me to feel more comfortable. PS. Usually I’m the shortest shorts girl, so this transition always plays tricks on my mind but I really love these shorts, even more than other full stomach band maternity denim that I’ve borrowed or bought.
Muscle Tank
Break Away Shorts


Bathing Suits Though…

I go between a one piece that was inexpensive and my normal 2 piece but I size up one size for my bottoms. No need to have the cutting in situation or too much cheek showing off. Again, some of you can totally rock that look it’s just not what makes me comfortable. For really hot outdoor days I wrap a gauze like scarf around my waist and tie it up and for more normal days. I bought this cream shawl/kimono for the beach in Sand Diego but since I’m headed to the Hot Springs, I’m packing it along with me! I love it and I wear it loose over the back to drape a little further past my bum…

They don’t have this coat that’s displayed in stock but here is my other raincoat that i still wear - just can’t zip this second. If it was one size larger than normal, I’d be able to close it. Rain Coat

Layers + Dresses

I love layering, especially while pregnant. This dress is from Lululemon, so the fabric has some give, it flows and it’s super soft. Their dresses are the hidden gems of the company. I’m always checking online and the sale rack for someone else’s return as their not stocked in the stores often enough. This one has a crossback and flows pleasantly. With chilly mountain nights ever present, I’m taking along this thick warm sweater. It pairs sweetly and is still casual but perfect for dinner in a cabin.

Cream Wrap
Similar Black Dress
Staple Black Dress (not featured)
Purple Sweater Feat Below



I’m all about the high waisted anything in life. During pregnancy I especially love that if you have the right size/pant you can get away with smoothing things out. As for leggings, I usually only wear Lululemon’s Align pants but I recently tried on a larger size of the Wunder Unders- and I’m into it. They’re a bit thicker than the Align and the fabric is a little different and I like that I can get away with a few shorter tops still and utilize more of what is already in my closet without stretching those favorite normal life items.

Align Pants - recommended for pregnancy

Crop Top Pregnancy

I’m not totally sure that this look is for me but one of my girlfriends was showing me a fitness/fashion influencer the other day or ROCKS this look so I thought I’d include it as inspo incase you love it!


Just remember…

No matter where you’re at or how your body accumulates weight while you’re pregnant your body is doing wonderful things. It’s hard to keep at the forefront of our mind. I’m my own worst critic and think awful thoughts but I’m working hard to stop myself in my tracks and replace it with something good. It’s incredible what our bodies can do and I’m so deeply thankful for what comes of it. Have fun where you can and just don’t worry about continuing to fit in the clothes that we are used to wearing. Also, give yourself some time postpartum to relax. Don’t stress about bouncing right back! It will come. xx-karen

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