Recipes | Staple Breakfast to-go

Recipes | Staple Breakfast to-go

It’s a classic. However, in the busy of life sometimes we need a reminder of the good things that we once enjoyed or feel like we only get when we go out somewhere. This one is a favorite go-to of mine. Quick, easy and hits the spot.

Let’s talk Yoghurt
I always go for plain yoghurt as my base. They’ve gotten better over the years, less tart but without any sugar. A friend of mine recently shared that if you stir in a little water to plain yoghurt it not only thins it out but makes it taste a little sweeter. It’s a trick she picked up while studying abroad in Istanbul.

Brands I love

Texture: Siggi’s (their vanilla is low in sugar)
Creaminess: Noosa (full fat and a yummy treat)
Greek: Fage 0%
**I buy plain 99% of the time



I prefer a hearty granola that either has berries or cacao nibs in it.
Purely Elizabeth chocolate peanut butter is my recent favorite.


I shop fruit with the season but if available I prefer blackberries, then adding honey.
Or I grab strawberries and skip the honey.

Add ons

Flax seed
Hemp hearts
Any fruit
Sea/Himalayan Salt
Coconut Shavings

With a hearty granola this is an easy one to prepare in tupperware the night before and throw a spoon on top of so that you can grab it as you run out of the door. It will leave you feeling full and keep you that way for a great portion of the morning and taste delicious too! xx-k

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