Adam Morley | Mort

Adam Morley | Mort

Hooray for the men in our lives, right?! If you've been following us at Fortitude and Finn for long you likely remember our features for a handful of the enourmous amount of incredible women in our community. As much of a fem as I can be I believe in the goodness that a male counterpart offers us. Men are grounding for so many of us. They offer a lot that we don't, that we can't and I love so much of what the humans that I'm featuring over the next two months offer our community, our city and business as a whole. Friends, I'd like to introduce a really cool group of guys here. Some you know well, some you may not know at all and all are worth knowing more about. Without further adieu... One of my very dearest friends... Adam Morley.

I met Adam while he was working at Maker's Market alongside one of his business partners, August. I actually talked a lot more with August that evening but in the weeks to come, I ran into Adam often. While at the Goose (where I've met most of my friends) He invited me to be a part of Welcome Fellow and YES! was the obvious answer. I didn't understand or know about everything Adam was working within at the time but I knew he was serious about making things better and his dedication to our city was forward. Adam is one of the good ones! He is an encourager, diffuser of drama, obsessed with Seinfeld, optimistic, consistent and loyal. He works hard and is making dreams come to life. To name a few, he's heavily involved with Boulder Street Moto Club + Garage, he's the Co-Founder of Wolf & Key, + the Co-Founder of Welcome Fellow. Guys, he's doing the things. Take a look below to learn more. -km



Q: Whiskey or Bourbon
A: "Bourbon" - AM
EN: One time my husband and I gave Adam all of the bourbon for his birthday and then I drank it. Well, most of it. Adam, with my public apology, do you forgive me yet?


Q: Which movie can you watch over and over and never get tired of?
A: "The Patriot" - AM


Q: Which part of your career keeps you coming back every day?
A: "Building community by bringing people together towards a common goal. Whether that looks like a shared workspace or a marketing team brought together to grow businesses and help them thrive." -AM


Q: What is one accomplishment that you're most proud of?

Q: What is one accomplishment that you're most proud of?
A: "Helping establish and manage Boulder Street Moto and Wolf & Key Marketing." - AM













Q: Do you have a word or one big goal for 2018? 
A: "BALANCE: My goal is to balance personal and business growth with my own well being and general health. For a person who is always working and always seeking something better for myself and others, it can be hard to remember that we don’t do things just to do them. Resting and spending time with loved ones is the real goal. Time and satisfaction are the most valuable. Those don’t come without stepping back, taking time, and being satisfied and thankful with where you are in the moment." - AM


This has been my favorite question for the men I've interviewed. A have such a variety of answers and some literally left it blank... because WHAT a hard question!! But Adam.... Hahahaha.. So insane...-km
Q: What would you NOT do for 1 million dollars?
A: "Drive a PT Cruiser." -AM

Hooray for men! I'm loving this set of interviews and can't wait to share. In the meantime, follow @boulderstreetmoto + @adammort to have your feed be much cooler. xx -km

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