Karen Mitchell | Colorado Springs Lifestyle Blog

Karen Mitchell | Colorado Springs Lifestyle Blog

A little bit about me to come but for now how and why Fortitude + Finn exists...

I have blogged for years, since 2008 to be exact...but usually it's focused on my clients and the ones I love around me based on photo shoots that I get to show my sweet community. But this blog has been sitting 1/2 filled in with posts for almost a year because it's so different than what I've done, which can often freeze me up. I've had a stirring in my heart to start something like this for years but starting a blog that focuses on the things that make me tick + experiences I've journeyed through and any tips and tricks that I can share has me on pause. So I'm digging in! Enough dreaming and talking about it to my close few, time to go. 

We have a little one on the way... and I mean, a week and a half on the way... I cannot wait to snuggle his little face. While I'm positive I'll actually be napping while he's napping, I also wanted to create some space to really dig in and dedicate some of his name time to building this in to what I hope it can be. 

I'm not totally sure who all will click through these pages or in what capacity it will grow but I'm excited to have a place to share thoughts, ideas, recipes, adventures and hopefully create a platform for questions and answers that flow both ways. 

A few things about me...

I was born in COS... 
Raised in Phoenix...
Moved back to COS after life shook up my daily routine and I wanted to start chasing some dreams that had been planted deep in me from a young age.
Since then I met my husband.. we dated.. we broke up.. I've lived here there and a few other places and I'm back.
I returned to COS from Brooklyn New York two years ago this month.
Taking in all of the change and loving the way life has stretched me and challenged me to be where I am. 

I'm so hoping that this becomes a resource for people ... helping some of the hard things become more simple and some of the heart things to feel relatable. If you have questions, topics or anything that you want to hear about please message me!  

Hope to hear from you soon.


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