People Feature | Grace and Logan Harrison

People Feature | Grace and Logan Harrison

It is with much anticipation and behind the scenes work that I bring to you my next featuring column. I am so thankful for each of these couples who have taken time out of their very busy lives to pause with me, to be contemplative and pop in to my studio for a session of photos. Going forward, this series will be featured on Wednesdays. I am highlighting a handful of the couples that seem to have a really wonderful rhythm with one another. Be it that they work closely professionally or their conquering individual dreams while supporting one another, they have wisdom to share. Learning from those ahead of us is rich and a luxury that is often over looked today. I hope that this round of features breathes fresh life into your mind about the way you work with a partner, a significant other, a best friend. Have questions? Find something that resonates? I want to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom. xx-karen

For our first week’s share, I’ve sat down with Grace and Logan Harrison. I really loved their dialogue. I appreciate the consistency throughout and how apparent it is that they fortify one another through work and marriage.


Q: “What are two things you would want us to know about you as individuals?”

Logan Harrison: “I'm passionate about my faith, my wife and personal growth.  I eat Chick-Fil-A every day...except Sunday. “

Grace Harrison: “I've fallen in love with Colorado Springs and want to do whatever I can to invest in this great community we call home.  I love traveling with Logan, especially when it involves somewhere with a beach or wineries.”

Q: What are your days filled with, Monday through Friday as well as your weekends?

LH: “M-F Commercial Real Estate, Weekends - skiing, running and drinking wine, beer and whiskey.”

GH: ”Weekdays are filled with an early workout, breakfast + coffee, a full day of work, then dinner at home or out with friends. Weekends are for escaping to the mountains or sticking around the Springs to enjoy the outdoors and our favorite coffee shops + breweries + restaurants.”

Q: “What was your career, or the thing you're building up and contributing to look like now previous to meeting one another?”

LH: “Prior to meeting Grace I was searching hard for a career that got me out of bed excited in the morning. I was working retail at first and transitioned to the aerial imagery/mapping industry. The search continued. “

GH: “I definitely worked longer hours before Logan as I didn’t have a need  to wrap up work each day. It was easy to let myself fall into the “live to work” mentality.”

Caveat, I really loved these responses to this question. There are hard workers in both gender pools, however, I really relate to Grace saying that she worked such long hours prior to being in relationship with Logan. Often we become consumed with a thing and I think one of the greatest parts of a partner is when the call us to anchor to a new thing, to find more life and more goodness in other things that we don’t often give ourselves permission to engage in. Creating new rhythms can be tricky as we grow fastened to what we know and feel safe in. Having our eyes opened to a new way, while hard, is healthy and a reason I’m thankful for relationship. -km

Q: “What is it like now?”

LH: “I’ve found it and I love what I do. I help landlords and tenants lease retail space and work with buyers and sellers in the investment side of commercial real estate.”
GH: “Still busy doing what I love, but I’ve learned to be better about prioritizing what can wait until tomorrow so that I’m able to “turn off work” and have some time with Logan most evenings before going to sleep.”

Q: “How does the other encourage you or challenge you?”

LH: “I’m naturally more risk averse. Grace is the opposite. She helps get me out of my comfort zone.”
GH: “Logan is great about always reminding me that he’s on my team. I know that he’s always right by my side and will challenge me towards doing what’s best for me. There’s something very powerful about knowing that someone is for you, day in and day out.”

Q: “Do you often see eye to eye? Can you explain the yes or no a little bit?”

LH: “We are very different in the way we process things but have the same values and beliefs which overall keeps us aligned.”
GH: “Yes, we do. We value much of the same thing - God, our relationship, family and friends. This all helps keep us headed in the same direction and on the same page.”

Q: “Can we hear about two of the goals you have for 2019, please?”

LH + GH:
“1. Opening up ALMAGRE, a brand new urban industrial venue + bar, this Summer with our dear friends, Mundi and Casey Ross.
2. Creating more space to enjoy life together in the midst of the busyness.”

Q: “How do you feel you grow as a team? Do you have any tools that maybe the rest of us could incorporate into the way we speak, dream, thrive, grow together?”

LH: “We talk and pray together often and are intentional about consistently growing and strengthening our marriage. We read/listen to books and take advice from those who are doing it better than us.”
GH: “Our weekly date night has been essential to us connecting when life is busy. It ensures we have at least one evening to ourselves to chat about life, dream together and not lose sight of why we’re together. It’s truly been the best investment we’ve ever made into our marriage!”

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