Quick Tips | Curating Home

Quick Tips | Curating Home

I’m talking indoor plants today!

It’s no secret that I really love greenery or that I’m super specific about each piece that lands in our home. Greens don’t get to escape my specificities. I spend a lot of time choosing which greens should be in our home.

We visit, Phalen Gardens, off of Academy when it’s time for a new potted plant. And Whole Foods or Trader Joes when it’s time for cut greens. I will say that during the Summer month’s King Soopers has some great options also. Especially their hanging ferns during the Spring.

As often as Trader Joes carries silver dollar eucalyptus, I buy it. I put it in a large vase in the living room and let it dry over time. Or I tie a piece of leather around the stems and hang it upside down in our guest bath. I will use any type of eucalyptus year round in the bathroom to help it smelling fresh and it covers one of my walls perfectly.

I buy box greens the second they’re available and for as long as their available. I make room for them wherever I can as they’re my favorite. They make me feel at home as the home of some of my closest friend’s in Phoenix has them growing everywhere and I feel at peace when I see them.

At Phalen’s I’ve purchased a Fiddleleaf Fig from them. They’re reasonably priced and their trees are very healthy.
I love our Monstera, often called an Elephant Ear. I bought it for the studio but it’s too cold during the winter months so I have it tucked in a corner touching the fireplace and she’s rehabbed completely. She’s so happy and growing new leaves almost daily.
I like our snake plant but I’d not buy one again. It’s finicky based on light, for our house anyway and I haven’t had the best success with it.
And then we have a breed of crawling plant that my aunt gave me a leaf from.

I love plants that allow me to trim off a leaf, stick it in water, grow a new root system and watch it go.
I pick plants that are low maintenance and resilient.
I love moving them around the house and watching them lean for the sun.
I prefer plants that only need watering once or twice a week.

I love shopping at Phelan Garden because they’re literally always kind and they’re SO informed. I’ve even experienced one woman research a few of my questions after I left and call me to help me understand my plant better.

House plants bring so much life into whichever space they’re placed in and a little tending to something other than your self and that cannot say your name, kind of feels sweet to me.

Which plants do you have and love to pieces?!

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