Reeves | Writer, Conversationalist, Pastor

Reeves | Writer, Conversationalist, Pastor

Jeremy Reeves. What a guy! I've been lucky enough to work on several projects with him in the past several months and he is a hoot, as my dad would say. Jeremy is so very intentional with getting to know each person that he gets a chance to be around. I appreciate that his approach has less to do with questions that feel generic and usually about the obvious and more to do with what someone is investing their time in. Where have they been and how did it get them to where they are. I also feel like Jeremy totally came out of the woodwork. Like, he wasn't anywhere to be seen and now everyone seems to know him and he's everywhere! He's working hard to tell individual stories behind the businesses that are contributing to the growth of our city through The Locals Bureau and I personally, think that's invaluable. Jeremy! So good to have you. -km


Q: "Whiskey or Bourbon?" - F&F

A: "In a Sazerac, I want rye whiskey, but an Old Fashioned gets bourbon (I know, I know, “the traditional version gets rye…” blah blah, but I like what I like.)" - JR


Q: "What movie can you watch over and over and never get tired of?" - F&F

A: "I’m a sucker for heart-warming, tear-jerking stories, so I love any Pixar movie, UP and Inside Out being some of my favorites, because they make me cry.  But I try to balance my emotions with solid war movies, so I come back to Lone Survivor over and over, because, you know, I’m a dude.  But that movie makes me cry too, so, I’m basically hopeless." -JR


Q: "What part of your career keeps you coming back every day?" - F&F
A: "The people I get to work with.  I know that’s cliche’, but I am astonished everyday by the tenacity, creativity, imagination, sacrifice, and heart of all the folks I partner with." -JR


Q: "What is an accomplishment that you're most proud of?" -F&F
A: "I’m most proud of my kids.  They have a capacity for love that swells my chest to bursting." -JR


Q: "What would you NOT do for 1 million dollars?" - F&F
A: "Blah.  I’d probably do anything for 1 million dollars, but I’d keep my fingers crossed, because I wouldn’t mean it." - JR


Q: "Do you have a word or one big goal for 2018? Do you mind sharing either?" - F&F
A: "My goal for 2018 is somewhere on the spectrum of “Get some rest” and “Work your ass off”.  Whatever that sweet spot is between “Just hang in there” on one side and “I’m really flourishing” on the other side, I’m aiming for that." -JR


Q: "How did you end up in your career?" -F&F
A: "I have a career?  Ha, just kidding, sort of.  I genuinely believe I’m called to be a part of loving Colorado Springs into the city it can be, both in terms of my work as a writer and story-teller and my work as a dreamer and pastor.  So I ended up doing what I’m doing by a combination of going after what makes my heart beat (on the one hand) and some right-place-at-the-right-time kind of luck (on the other hand) and some toothy-grinned providences (on the other other hand).  I wish I could schematize that into some repeatable formula, but I think its a one-time use kinda thing." - JR

Jeremy, I wholeheartedly believe that you're doing the hard work of revealing the stories, cares, passions and respective struggles of the ones that are bettering the atmosphere around us. I'm thankful for your heart and for the way you love your beautiful wife first, your awesome kids, family, friends and strangers. Thanks again! -km

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