Quick Tips | New Year, New Babies and my top 13 Baby Items

Quick Tips | New Year, New Babies and my top 13 Baby Items


So many of my girlfriends are having babies and while this ain’t no mama blog I also am a mom and totally have favorite products that I feel like make life a million and one times easier. So here I am, giving my list of top ten products. Sometimes, I think I could’ve done the last 18 months without any other products than these. I often get asked for my registry but this is the abbreviated version of must-haves. All of the bolded text duals as a link for ease when shopping. This post isn’t fully sponsored also is 100% full of my best items.

  • Bambo Diapers - they’re clean in design, each one says Love on them and they’re super functional.

  • Once Upon a Time Squeezer

  • Boody Baby / Also Kickee Pants- these last for ever and are so soft that you’ll want an adult size. Amos is 17 months and in the 100% for height and he wears a 6-12mo Boody Baby. He wore NB kickee NB-6mo and it fit the whole time. It’s miracle fabric.

  • A good book! Amos’ favorite are 100% the Little Blue Truck books.

  • Kidscents Lotion - smells the best + moisturizes the best, hands down for adults + babies.

  • Burt’s Bees Diaper Cream

  • We really used the heck out of our Elephant Wubbanub. It stayed in Amos’ crib and when he was done with it Justin ripped out the Paci piece and he just has the elephant now. So cute and tiny.

  • A good pair of moccasins. I don’t love the ones that I got that were the knock off Freshly Picked pair but I really am loving the pair featured in this post. I bought them on Amazon. They’re soft for in the house but they’re durable for outdoors.

  • Honest wipes are for sure our favorite. They do not have have fragrance, they’re everywhere and they clean well.

  • These cups from Target allowed Amos to start drinking from the cup really early no matter how he tipped it. It’s the only cup we have.

  • Fuzzy boots… Ugg or not, fuzzy boots are wonderful for so many reasons. They keep their little feet warm, they cozy and soft to walk in and they often stay on better than socks + they make every outfit the cutest.

  • When these babes are little and developing their minds things like a little car with moving wheels helps them with their fine motor skills. These little cars have been making the rounds for Amos since he was probably 4 months old and he still reaches for them regularly. No matter the gender of your baby they’ll like the wheels and the colors of these wooden toys.

  • I’m a sucker for a handmade blanket with really soft fabric. You can’t buy it but you can sure ask Auntie for it or Grandma or work hard and make one all by yourself. I believe in you!

  • FridaBaby is the JAM. I’m so glad I started having babies now so that I have this invention in my life. Friends, I’m wrapping with the 100% MUST HAVE… Do it!


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