Fall Evening Sobremesa

Fall Evening Sobremesa

And my heart bursts.

The whole planning processes of this evening, the physical preparation of each detail, the intention behind a meaningful, flavorful and fun night- it all brought me so much joy. I feel like I was given such a little gift on Friday. I had all of the feels. Of course, I’ve hosted dozens of friends and family in our home and that feels rich for so many reasons but this felt so different. Community coming together from all different walks of life, getting out of their comfort zone and dining with strangers and friends alike just because they can?! I love that. We had a vast array of people, individuals and couples alike. A healthy mixture of personalities and shared stories from the past each belonging to only us as well as memories from established friendships and so many more new memories created.


As we pulled up to the cottage, sweetly poised on a quiet street in Monument, my heart felt warm. Actual butterflies fluttered around in my belly, anxious to be replaced with the food who’s fragrance flowed from the doorway, good conversation and glasses of yummy red wine. Hours prior the meal’s preparation had begun, and with each glass set on the table, the sheepskins covering various chairs, a fire lit and candles eagerly waiting to touch their match, we were ready! I grabbed my last little baskets of items and headed across the brick walkway with my friend, Kourtney, to add any final details, to pour wine, and snap a few photos so that the details cannot slip my mind in the days and months to come. The first couple arrived. Ep! So exciting.


The whole experience filled something up in me. I could go on and on about how wonderful it was hearing others connect, seeing people hug or shake hands that I didn’t know knew of one another, or hearing others confess of IG stalking and then others hugging because it’s been too long or just because they’re a frequent life favorite. This night was good. The food was full of big flavors and bread and butter circled the tables abundantly.


The menu started with a family style, Fall Greens and Pralines, Butternut Squash, Goat Cheese and Cured Lemon Salad and was followed by incredibly flavorful, locally sourced Smoked Pumpkin Bisque with Wild Mushroom + Shallot and Tarragon Mignonette. (I want to get my hands on this recipe)

Then followed a Hamachi Crudo with grilled Padrón Peppers, Citrus, Microgreens and an Avocado Créme

And our main boasted of Gold Canyon Short Braised Ribs with a Wild Mushroom Hunter sauce over a Butternut Squash + Spanish Chorizo Hash.

And nothing concludes a Fall meal like Apple Pie….

My mouth is watering all over again.


The evening was magical for me. For those of you who did come and for those that wanted to come but it was sold out, I am so thankful and humbled by your willingness and heart to jump in on what I find to be community, goodness and connecting. We hope you enjoyed it so purely. I can’t wait for the next thing. xx-karen + justin

Affiliated Vendors:
Venue: Hearth House Bridal Suite / Monument
Florals: Amber Mustain
Sheepskins + Candleholders: Hygge Life
Menu Card Design: @marybandrews
Custom Cookies: Persnickety Place
Tables + Chairs: Colorado Party Rentals
Fall Sobremesa Banner: Handsome Love Calligraphy
Private Chef: Dylan Montanio
Personal Apple Pies: Tiny Kitchen Co
Evening Design + Photography: Karen Mitchell / ME!

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