People Feature | Tyler + Mary Andrews

People Feature | Tyler + Mary Andrews

This week, we’re chatting with Tyler and Mary Andrews, formally Tullis. If you don’t already follow them on social media, you’re going to want to do that because they’re constantly traveling, while growing a family) and it’s entirely inspiring. I love how these two hold on to their tenacity for their relationship while standing firm in who they are as individuals. I respect and love them deeply. My favorite q+a with these beautiful souls is wrapped up in our short talk of overcoming obstacles. I think for each of them it speaks to the depths of their love for one another, selflessness and the goodness that comes from fully supporting one another is wrapped up in questions before and after.


A few things to know about Tyler + Mary Andrews…

We literally lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and moldy bread for a couple of months.
— Tyler

Tyler is an entrepreneur. In his most current venture, he is the Co-Founder and CDO of Centerpoint Partners, a private equity and venture capital fund based in Colorado Springs. Among other things, he is the CDO of two startups in the medical and sports performance arena and on the board for 2 non-profits. 

When I was accepted to a design program in London, Tyler put his own career on hold in order to support me in my pursuits...
— Mary

Mary is the founder and CEO behind Mary Andrews Design, an illustration and design company that specializes in brand development, editorial marketing and custom artwork. 

Q: ”Can you tell us a few facts about what else makes you, you?”

MA: “I was a trained classical pianist - music was my first love, but I transitioned to the world of art when I was 15. I’m an introvert, love to watch and observe people, and have a weird obsession with Russian Literature.”

TA: “I’m a genuine thrill seeker. I love sky-diving, bungee jumping, bull riding, and the occasional roller coaster. I’m also a huge nerd - I love all things science and… science-fiction (i.e. Stephen Hawking = Peter Parker).”

Q: “How did you two meet?”

MA: “I was friends with Tyler’s sister. I didn’t know she had a brother and when she introduced us, I was instantly smitten. Whats funny is after we met, we didn’t talk for 4 years, but he was always in the back of my mind. I MAY have facebook stalked him once or twice (or three times).”

TA: “My sister told me she wanted me to meet her new ‘artist’ friend. When I saw Mary, it was love at first sight, I was speechless. I didn’t date anyone for the next 4 years, until we met again serendipitously and starting talking.”

Q: What are your days filled with, Monday through Friday as well as your weekends?

TA: “M-F is filled with business meetings, real estate deals, and venture capitol calls. Tuesday night is our weekly date night and we have a monthly ‘stay-cation’ somewhere. Once a quarter, Mary and I travel someplace outside of Colorado to reconnect as a couple. It’s important for us to get-away together.”

MA: ”We have a 2 year-old son (insert heart eyes), so work/life balance is a struggle. We have a nanny 3 days a week and alternate staying home with him on the other days of the week. Because we both run our own companies, we could work non-stop, so weekends we try very hard to shut off distractions and be together as a family.”

Q: “What is it like now?”

TA: “We’ve always had a synergistic relationship to challenge one another and build toward our ‘dream jobs’. Thats evolved into us starting our own companies and we now both work for ourselves and are our own pace. It’s been a process, one that’s been over the course of our entire relationship.”

MA: “When we first met we would daydream about working for ourselves and starting our own companies. So, it’s a little nostalgic to look back and think about how far we’ve come. We are now doing things that challenge us and make us come alive. It’s scary, starting something on your own, but it fits our personalities/vision better.”

Q: “How does the other encourage you or challenge you?”

TA: “Mary challenges me to think outside of the box and to look at life creatively and not always analytically. She is someone who isn’t afraid to take risks, but yet is always attentive to the one in front of her. She’s the most emotionally intelligent person I’ve ever met - she challenges me to think about the ‘one’ and not just the ‘many’.”

MA: “Tyler is always pushing me out of my comfort zone - in a good way -. Sometimes I joke that he is more of a feminist than I am. He challenges me to speak up for myself, to advocate, and to question things. I find that empowerment encouraging.”

Q: “Do you often see eye to eye? Can you explain the yes or no a little bit?”

TA: “(insert laughter) We definitely don’t always see eye to eye. We agree on the same fundamentals, however our approaches are VASTLY different. Our different approaches help us experience things we wouldn’t have experienced on our own. I like that about us.”

MA: “Tyler and I are opposites of each other, so we look at the world with completely different lenses. This makes for some very heated conversations and intense communication. I think over time, we’ve learned to see it as a ‘well-rounded’ approach to life, but we definitely didn’t arrive there over night.”

Q: “What is an obstacle the other has helped you walk through with you well?”

MA: “Tyler has been there through so many things, but one that stands out is his commitment to my success. In our first year of marriage, I got accepted to a design program in London. Tyler put his own career on hold in order to support me in my pursuits, which meant moving to a different country for a year. It’s one thing for a man to support you verbally, and a whole other thing when they sacrifice their personal gain to see you succeed.”

TA: “Mary helped me walk through the transition of leaving my medical career and starting my entrepreneurial career. She was supportive through a time of risk, when our financial future wasn’t secure. She never questioned my gut and supported me 100%. it wasn’t glamorous. We literally lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and moldy bread for a couple of months. Looking back now, we can laugh about it, but she was my rock. I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did without her support.”

Q: “Can we hear about two of the goals you have for 2019, please?”

TA: “1. Read 120 books.
2. Climb two 14ers”

MA: “Authenticity, being true to myself. And 2. Have our second baby (SPOILER ALERT! 2nd BABY COMING IN JULY!!)”

Q: “How do you feel you grow as a team? Do you have any tools that maybe the rest of us could incorporate into the way we speak, dream, thrive, grow together?”

TA: “We grow the most as a team when we prioritize time together. Whether it’s going for walks, or talking about business strategy. Another key way we grow together as a team is by sharing our dreams with one another and creating an action plan to keep each other accountable. Mary also doesn’t let me settle.. she pushes me to be the best version of myself. I hope to do the same for her.”

MA: “Although we have separate careers, Tyler is the first person I go to for advice. And Vice-versa. He comes to me when he is ‘stuck’ or needs to process. We both respect each other professionally, which makes for a strong team in the work place and at home. 

Also, Travel is a big priority for us. It keeps us out of our comfort zone and is a medium we use to dream/thrive together.”

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